Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Analytics in Medicine

In an ever-changing world where data analytics have now become a driving factor in most industries, many are trying to apply such ideology to healthcare. James Kobielus describes how, under the idea of 'precision medicine,' the ideal treatment of the same illness may vary from patient to patient. Every person is unique, and thus small differences in molecular physiology should be accounted for.
By using analytics to approach patient treatment options, every illness is personalized to the individual. To personalize medicine, it is important to locate and understand the purpose of biomarkers associated with each illness. Then it is important to build a computer model of each system of the human body. Running the simulation specific to each patient can then yield precise treatment options.

Precision medicine sounds great in theory, but effectively applying its concepts requires in-depth research of the human body for many specific pathologies. The field of precision medicine is promising; even President Obama gave it his endorsement.

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