Friday, October 9, 2015

BrainScope Concussion Assessment Device

As the field of concussion assessment grows, another mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) assessment device, called BrainScope, is making headway in the market. BrainScope has recently raised about $2.5 million for its mobile device. Its primary product is called the Ahead 200, which is a small, mobile EEG that links with a smartphone to run its diagnostic software.

The use of EEGs in concussion assessment has historically not been viewed as a viable option, but EEGs do provide a reliable precursor to determining whether or not the subject needs a subsequent CT scan in order to truly diagnose TBI. With its mobile capabilities, the Ahead 200 has an exciting future as an on-field mTBI assessment tool, but without the ability to sufficiently diagnose mTBI on its own, it remains an incomplete option as an mTBI assessment tool.